My name is  Roberto, I am from Santiago de Chile,and this page is to promote my hobby.

This site is dedicated for all people who loves to collect all kind of thing as a healthy recreational hobby.

Collecting gum wrappers is not shared by many people.I began collecting as a kid and after 30 years, I still enjoy the pleasure to collect, select and trade items from different people from many countries; through the gum wrappers I learned a lot about other languages, places, people, design and market tendencies.

There are many gum wrappers collectors in the Czech Republic where the hobby is relatively popular, even twice a year there is a meeting  in Prague of about 30 collectors, where they trade wrappers and share information about the hobby.I know of a few other collectors  in other countries(USA, Canada,Japan, Russia, Germany, Korea); and other gum related collectors (gum packs, gum advertising, etc).

You can find many gum wrappers, and other gum related links through this page.I hope this can encourage people to begin collecting and trade wrappers.

If you want to contribute to my collection with gum wrappers from your country or want to make any comments about this site or about collecting, you can  e-mail me or write to my address:

















Roberto Back 
Sta. Teresa Jornet 1064 
Las Condes,Santiago